Monday, March 15, 2010

Why is a horse more special than a cow?

That's a trick question, the horse isn't any more special than a cow. In fact, in many parts of the world, animals like the cow are considered more special than the horse! In India, a country in which the population outnumbers the United States, the slaughter of cattle may be prohibited and their meat may be taboo.

In America we eat cows, use their hides for leather, and drink their milk. Many countries eat horses, use their hides for leather, and some drink their milk. Who are we to say that we know better than countries like Italy, France, Spain, and Canada when it comes to horse meat? Oh, we're Americans, we're always right. Many Americans laugh at the idea of cows being considered sacred (actually so do I), and beef is so ingrained in our culture that there would be a huge uproar if there was a legitimate movement to make the slaughter of cattle illegal in the U.S. Like the cow, we don't consider horses sacred, yet we ban their slaughter for no logical reason. I don't have a problem with someone trying to persuade me that I shouldn't eat horse meat if they present to me a logical, rational argument. However, I do have a problem when someone tries to legislate their irrational, illogical morality upon me in any way, including by preventing me from even trying horse meat.

STFU, I'll decide things for myself. You won't decide for me.

For some reason the restriction of human consumption of horse meat in the U.S. has generally involved legislation at the state and local levels, back to at least the 1800's when, by today's standards, many bizarre and unfair laws were passed. These restrictions got many Americans accustomed to not eating horse meat. In more recent days, Americans have been exposed to TV shows like My Little Pony which furthered the notion that horses are cutesy and/or majestic animals that we could never dream of eating unlike cows, pigs, sheep, chicken, fish, turkey, etc. Add hardcore vegans and PETA members who will happily go the extra mile to ban ANY type of meat eating, and it will be hard to raise the average apathetic American, who has lived just fine without even trying horse meat, to revoke pointless and in some ways harmful laws. That's why freedom fighters, Libertarians, and horse meat lovers must not allow unreasonable, agenda-driven, domineering people to force unnecessary laws down our throats and take away our freedoms! LEGALIZE HORSE MEAT!

You should be able to eat horse meat if you want to!


  1. "Man countries eat horses..." Shouldn't this say "many"?

  2. Have you ever eaten Schweaty balls? They are tasty and are quite a delicacy. Do you have Schweaty balls? Schweaty balls are so yummy so soft and succulent. I bet you have Schweaty balls. Here, I am a reasonable non-agenda driven person but I would love to force my Schweaty balls down your throat and take away your breath! Heck, you can eat my meat. It won't be hard to raise my average American freedom fighter. It'll present you with a logical reason as to why you need to suck on my meat, Schweaty balls and all. Why limit yourself to any ordinary meat my friend? You should be able to eat my meat because I want you to! Fight the power? Oh honey, don't try to fight it. You know you want it more than you want horse meat.

  3. that is a very sarcastic point. I like it ..haha.I don't think Americans would prefer schweaty balls in their mouths. if they have to choose between. that or horse meat.... well... (I hope I'm right)