Friday, March 12, 2010

Great article: "Taboo meat should be eaten for animal's welfare, economy, legislator says"

Here are some excerpts:
Its meat is slightly sweet, tender, low in fat and high in protein. But their companionship is sweet, useful and hard-working, making it taboo in many cultures to eat them. One lawmaker in Missouri, however, wants to revive the delicacy that has been a part of America since the 15th century and make it legal again to eat horse meat in his state.
Currently, older horses that cannot be sold to caring owners at auctions are often bought out by “kill buyers” who take the unwanted horses to Mexico or Canada for slaughter.

"Having just one or two plants; that would bring up the competitive market for horses that have no occupational value," said one Missouri kill buyer, in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "It would at least give us a base price to help."

The Missouri legislation would bypass federal regulations passed in 2005 that banned using federal funds for horse slaughter inspections, subsequently banning interstate shipment of horse meat and preventing any facilities from reopening. The last horse-processor closed in 2007 in Illinois.
For the readers from the U.S., remember in grade school how we were taught how wonderful it was that the Native Americans (of which I'm part Algonquin, thank you) used every part of the buffalo that they killed and didn't waste anything? This is the same thing.

An anti-horse slaughter advocate (AKA a loser with a "My Little Pony" complex) says the following:
"The reason the cow is alive is because we want to eat it,” he said. “The reason the horse is alive is because we want it to win the Kentucky Derby. That's very different.”
Uh we want it to win the Kentucky Derby? That's horse crap, many people couldn't give a crap less about the Kentucky Derby, but many people want to eat lean meats.
The top eight countries, with China, Mexico and Kazakhstan at the top of the list, consume about 4.7 million horses a year. Most countries,mainly English-speaking countries, do not consume horse meat because of its taboo, not for safety reasons.
Let's get on board with eating horse meat
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